Bring your mojo
and join the mix.

βœ… Get help to start from A to Z.
βœ… Keep custody of your funds.
βœ… Participate in every decision.

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What is Mojomix?

The 1st ever DeFi crypto investment portfolio

run by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

fully transparent & where everyone custodies their assets,

designed to help people diversify into crypto

and outperform BTC in the long term.

Earn & Learn


We're a decentralised fund designed to help crypto investors outperform bitcoin in the long term. Our portfolio seeks growth while protecting the downside.


Every portfolio revision is carefully elaborated and explained so that all depositors can assimilate the thinking framework behind any strategic decision.

Vote πŸ—³οΈ

All depositors take part in the decision making by reviewing and approving every quarter the fresh portfolio allocations. Read below how a DAO works.

You stay in control

No fund delegationπŸ”‘

You allocate your funds using your metamask wallet and receive a share that can be liquidated anytime. You don't need to trust any third party.

Trust but verifyβœ…

The asset management is done directly on chain. Every trade is transparent and you can verify it as it gets recorded on the public Ethereum blockchain.

Participate & enjoyπŸ„β€β™‚οΈ

The Mojomix Board keeps track of new projects and proposes portfolio allocations based on a logical framework. You vote for every important decision.

Get help to start πŸ™

The Mojomix board is a group of experts in various fields. You get video tutorials that help you take the first steps into DeFi so you get rid of all doubts.

Invest like a pro

Less work 🀝

With your own portfolio you have to study coins, trust guru picks or copy traders. With Mojomix you grow your asset without doing any of the hard work.

Less fees πŸ’Έ

If you operate on your own you pay hefty transaction fees. With Mojomix the fees are shared among all investors so it's far cheaper for everyone.

Less taxes πŸ›οΈ

Trading and rebalancing your portfolio triggers capital gain taxes. With Mojomix you get tokenized shares and only pay taxes if you sell them with profit.

Powered by open protocols

Mojomix is powered by Enzyme.
Enzyme lets us use the full value of the open & decentralized financial ecosystem.

Entities are dinosaurs.
The future is decentralised.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

The acronym DAO sounds fancy but the idea behind it is actually simple. It is a borderless group of individuals who is brought together by technology and acts as an organisation, sharing a purpose and a vision. A DAO uses technology to make collective decisions that enable the pursuit of a common goal.

Within the Mojomix DAO, everyone reviews & approves the investment allocations proposed by the Mojomix Board.

if you already know us, you can apply here.